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Sponsored Events 2009 Archive
2009 Sponsored Events

From Our Special Visitors in 2009
Children at the Library…

  • “I liked the chocolate chip cookies the best.”

  • “Patriotic Sue was fun, and an awesome magician.”

  • “Thank you for showing us the library… I am so thankful that you chose us.”

  • “Thank you so much for the fun day.”

  • “While I was there I learned what the Braille alphabet was.”

  • “…thank you for all the hard work that you put in to our field trip to make it special for us.”

  • “We also got to hear fabulous stories… my favorite story was the hot balloon story.”

  • “What I thought was especially fun was the bells …”

  • “My favorite part was the moon rock because I've always wanted to go to outer space.”

  • “Thank you for telling us of the activities that will be around in the summer."

  • “… I had not been to many libraries in my life, so this was great.”

  • “It was he most fun I ever had at a library.”

  • “We really enjoyed everything you guys did for us, from the story telling to the wonderful cookies and drinks, and everything in between.”

  • “…I really want to go back to the library so I can do all sorts of fun things…”

  • “… thank you for the magic tricks and the free books…”

The Friends sponsored a festive demonstration of Salsa-Mambo presented by the talented dancers of the Salsabor Tropical Dance studio. More than 60 participants gathered for food, fun, and to enjoy dancing to the rhythmic beats of this cultural and social dance, Salsa-Mambo. A great time was shared by all!


SAT Workshop

This series of three workshops for high school sophomores and juniors provides them with SAT information and a practice test as well as help with essay writing and financial aid opportunities. This is critical information for college-bound students and the workshops are very well attended.

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